Our beverage company’s mission defines our social responsibility to make Slow-carb and Low-Glycemic sweetened  beverages:Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea Nutrition

As pre-diabetes and adult-onset type 2 diabetes are rising to crisis levels in America, more children and teens are also developing obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Learn More about Type-2 Diabetes from the US CDC — the nation’s health protection agency.

As the crisis of obesity and type-2 diabetes impacts America, and soda tax debates continue from state-to-state, the BIGGER Question remains: what’s a more effective solution to curb obesity and type-2 diabetes? Soda Taxes or Healthier Beverage Innovation?

Our beverage company believes beverage innovation that provides more innovative beverage choices is far more productive than imposing misguided soda taxes that WON’T CHANGE the behavior of the GIANT Legacy soda pop, and energy drink brands.

Therefor, If we are all indeed what we eat and drink, then our mission-driven beverage company is compelled to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

To embrace health and wellness, our beverage company has formulated better-for-you Chasing Rabbits® slow-carb, low-glycemic, natural-ingredient and clean-energy producing vitality teas to be part of the solution for supporting healthier lifestyles. Learn More here: http://chasingrabbits.com/nutrition/

Science proves that not all sugars are created equal. That’s why our company formulates with Isomaltulose, a natural ‘slow-carb’ & ‘low-glycemic’ (non-GMO beet sugar) as-well-as other natural, low GI sweeteners that make Chasing Rabbits® Clean-Energy Vitality Tea the innovative ready-to-drink (RTD) energy producing slow-carb and low-GI beverage choice.

Our mission ensures that all Chasing Rabbits® ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage products are (low–calorie) and made with ‘slow-carb’ & ‘low-glycemic’ non-GMO, natural-ingredient & clean-energy-producing functional ingredients that satisfy with one-25 calorie serving at a time!

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