Chasing Rabbits® Trademark Dad Hat

New designs of stylish Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverages Branded ‘baseball style’ dad caps will be offered along with orders of Chasing Rabbits® Brewed Non-GMO & organic Yerba Mate & Black Vitality-Tea ’12-Pack’ subject to manufacturer availability.

Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea is a delicious, better-for-you, slow-carb & low-glycemic, 25-calorie clean-energy-tea-drink.

Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea satisfies consumer’s sweet-taste-spot with a deliciously refreshing & diabetic friendly, low-glycemic, 25 calories per 12-fl-oz-can.

Made with non-GMO, organic brewed yerba mate and black tea.  Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea delivers a wholesome, functional and healthier, clean-energy producing beverage for revitalizing your daily routine.


Chasing Rabbits® Trademark Apparel

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