Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage, in a ‘cool’ single serving cool ‘retro-styled’ standard 12-ounce aluminum can, has returned to loyal Northern California retailers with distribution planed to expand into the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.

Chasing Rabbits® Low-32 GI Clean-Energy Drink

Chasing Rabbits® Low-32 GI Clean-Energy Drink

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage delivers a low-glycemic and sustained-energy drink by formulating with, Palatinose ™ (Isomaltulose), a low-glycemic beet sugar plus zero-calorie monk fruit & stevia sweeteners that provides 60 functional calories per 12-fluid ounce can. Other non-GMO functional ingredients include: B and C vitamins, D-ribose, natural caffeine from green coffee beans and green tea polyphenol antioxidants.

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage is co-packed by the Portland Bottling company, a leading Western United States regional contract aluminum can RTD or ready-to-drink’ beverage co-packer, that’s FSSC 22000 certified and recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI.

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage The Low-glycemic, Natural &  Sustained-Energy Drink  was the winner Of the Beverage World Magazine 2015 Global Packaging Award!
*Beverage World Magazine Global Packaging Awards are given to brands exceeding expectations – packaging that grabs the consumer’s attention while disrupting expectations.

*Design, function, and engineering are all considered and used to determine what brands go beyond what is normal and surpass their competitors.

At our beverage company the definition of Chasing Rabbits® means the pursuit of personal achievement and physical well-being:  We’ve applied that same inspiration and purpose to provide consumers with a refreshing, low-glycemic & wholesome Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage.

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