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Chasing Rabbits® Brewed Yerba Mate/Black Vitality Tea


Refreshing, Delicious & Better-for-you!
* Slow-carb & low-glycemic
Non-GMO Brewed Yerba mate & Black tea

* 25-calorie clean-energy-drink
* Diabetic friendly
. . . Authentic & Socially Responsible . . .

Simply Healthier ™

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Shipping Details

  • Each Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea (12-pack) contains a ‘single’ flavor in (12-fl-oz standard cans) delivered to a United States (home or office) via ‘discounted’ (1- 3) day USPS priority mail subject to USPS restrictions.
  • The anticipated Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea pre-order (ship date) is late August 2020 (subject to) Covid-19 delays.
  • Credit Cards are (authorized) to place the order, but not charged until the (week of) co-pack production.

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