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Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea

Our beverage company mission offers alternatives to help you avoid the dreaded blood sugar spikes, and related health issues that can occur from regularly consuming high-calorie, sugar-laden drinks.

Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea is meticulously crafted with the finest organic yerba mate and black tea extracts along with wholesome, non-GMO slow carb, low glycemic, and functional-clean-energy ingredients.

Each 12-ounce can, is formulated with 25 slow carb calories that delivers a deliciously refreshing serving of natural clean-energy refreshment.

At Chasing Rabbits®, Natural Beverages our commitment to excellence ensures that every delightful serving of Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea leaves you feeling invigorated and satisfied.

Embrace a new level of vitality and experience the power of naturally sweetened, blood-sugar-friendly Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea today.


Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea

Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea
provides delicious refreshment
in a 25-calorie 12-oz-can-serving.

*Contains naturally occurring caffeine from yerba mate and black tea extract.
Not for use by children, pregnant women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.

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Chasing Rabbits®
Clean-Energy Vitality Tea

Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea

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