Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverages
ow-GI and Slow-Carb
Clean-Energy Mission

Chasing Rabbits® Is a Metaphor for Adventure:

Since life’s an adventure, at our ‘healthier-for-you’ beverage company, the definition of a Chasing Rabbits® adventure means the pursuit of personal achievement and physical well-being.

The Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverage Mission:

Our beverage company mission embraces health-and-wellness:   We strive to be part-of-the solution to obesity and type 2 diabetes — by offering ALL consumers functional low-GI beverages that are Simply Healthier™.

To this end, our beverage company has formulated ‘better-for-you’ healthier Chasing Rabbits® refreshing, natural-ingredient, low-glycemic and clean-energy drinks for vitalizing healthier lifestyles.

We first introduced Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage, a low-glycemic, 60-calorie functional, clean-energy drink, effective for refreshing one’ daily routine or refueling the mind and body before and after exercise or sports.

Our low-glycemic formulation employs (Isomaltulose) a slow-carb and low-glycemic 32 (GI-value) energy producing natural sweetener derived from non-GMO sugar beets as-well-as and other healthier natural ingredients.  View our Ingredients:

Our new and delicious, low-glycemic and 25-calorie per 12-oz serving, Chasing Rabbits®Natural Vitality Tea is made with a non-GMO brewed 50/50 Yerba Mate and black tea blend, that provides consumers with wholesome, functional, and healthier, clean-energy producing refreshment.

Our beverage company’s trademark slogan Simply Healthier™ defines our social responsibility & healthier beverage mission: Read More Here!

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverage
Is Simply Healthier ™ and puts more HOP
in your daily routine!

Chasing Rabbits® The Low-32GI Clean-Energy Drink


Simply Healthier ™


Delicious & Refreshing


Chasing Rabbits®

Slow-Carb Vitality Tea


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