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Not All Sugars Are Created Equal.
At 32 GI Isomaltulose Is Low-Glycemic and Healthier!

It’s important to note that all sugars are not created equal when metabolized.
While many ready-to-drink (RTD) juices and energy drinks tout concentrated fruit juice as main ingredients, almost all fruit juice concentrates have been stripped of natural fruit fibers and thus reduced to mostly fructose a simple sugar.

Although most sugars contain the same amount of calories, fructose a (monosaccharide) and sucrose a (disaccharide) consisting of glucose and fructose metabolize differently in the body when it comes to providing blood sugar for energy.

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 Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverage is formulated
with healthier,

natural-ingredient, non-GMO & low-glycemic sweeteners.


  • Palatinose (TM) (Isomaltulose) a low-glycemic (32 GI) sweetener produced from non-GMO sugar beets, provides longer sustained-energy:  Research shows Isomaltulose reduces glycemic and insulin response compared to (sucrose/glucose) ingested by healthy people as-well-as individuals with pre or type 2 diabete.
  • Ribose is a 5 carbon sugar the body makes from glucose for ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the compound that stores and delivers energy in all cells.  Research shows Ribose supplements the source of cellular energy, helps lower blood sugar, and aids muscle rejuvenation.
  • Monk Fruit or (Luo Han Guo) grown in the mountains of southern China and Southeast Asia has been cultivated by Buddhist monks for eight centuries for its natural (zero-calorie) sweetener that doesn’t increase blood sugar, while the mogrosides (compounds) that renders Monk Fruit its intense sweetness, are powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals.
  • Stevia (Reb A) is a natural (zero-calorie) plant-based sweetener that independently also has no effect on blood sugar levelsExtracts from the leaf of the Stevia plant have been found to be high in antioxidants.
The Chasing Rabbits® Socially Responsible Mission
is to Help Counter Type 2 diabetes!
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