Chasing Rabbits® Clean-Energy Vitality Tea

What does the Chasing Rabbits® registered trademark symbolize?

Chasing Rabbits® represents a Metaphor for Life’s Adventures.

Whether it’s Alice In Wonderland’s journey down the rabbit hole for a tea party adventure with the Mad Hatter, Dormouse and Hare, a busy soccer mom’s daily routine, or a scientist researching the cause of diabetes, what’s your adventure?

Maybe, you’re going sky diving, running a marathon, climbing a mountain, or just getting out of your comfort zone to visit the gym and loose a few pounds, no matter what path you choose to journey on — life is an adventure.

To this end, our beverage company mission is an adventure to be part of the solution to the sugar-laden beverage problems  by providing consumers with our authentic Chasing Rabbits® non-GMO, natural ingredient & functional, clean-energy vitality tea that provides low-calorie, slow-carb & low-GI, refreshment.

Chasing Rabbits® clean-energy vitality tea
fuels the pursuit of personal achievement and physical well-being
for living life’s adventures.

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Chasing Rabbits® and the Three Rabbits logo image mark
are active trademarks of Chasing Rabbits, LLC

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Chasing Rabbits®
Clean-Energy Vitality Tea

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