Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea Is Solving A Sweet Tooth Quandary

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverages

Consumers Want a Better Beverage Sweetener.


Artificially sweetened diet-drinks continue to suffer year-over-year sales declines as more researchers suggest artificially-sweetened-diet-drinks possibly thwart good gut bacteria, may also increase (glucose) blood sugar and cause cancer.

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French nutrition studies suggest association between
artificial sweeteners and cardiovascular disease, cancer

Find your slow-carb-sweetener zen!

Carbohydrates and Sugars

The are three types of carbohydrates: sugar, starch, and fiber that have a place in one’s diet. While refined sugar is a simple carbohydrate, most sugars contain the same amount of calories, although fructose a (monosaccharide) and sucrose a (disaccharide) consisting of glucose and fructose metabolize differently in the body.

The (GI) Glycemic Index

The (GI) glycemic index was developed to explain how different kinds of carbohydrate-rich foods directly affect blood sugar. The (GI) glycemic index ranks carbohydrates on a scale from (0 to 100) based on how quickly and how much they raise blood sugar levels after consumption. As blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas produces insulin, a hormone, that prompts cells to absorb blood sugar for energy or storage for later use.

The (GL) Glycemic Load

The (GL) glycemic load is a measure of both the quality (the GI value) and quantity (grams per serving) of the carbohydrates consumed. The (GL) glycemic load of a food can be classified as: Low (10 or less) Medium (11 – 19) and High (20 or more). The body’s glycemic response is dependent on both the type AND amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Isomaltulose the Blood Sugar Friendly
Slow Carb and Low glycemic Sugar!

Isomaltulose is a disaccharide composed of (glucose and fructose) manufactured by enzymatic rearrangement (isomerization) from non-GMO beet sugar. Because Isomaltulose (32 GI) is a slow and sustained-release carbohydrate, it doesn’t ‘spike’ blood sugar, like sucrose, so it’s a low glycemic, and slow–carb-energy-producing carbohydrate.

Chasing Rabbits® Vitality Tea is made with organic yerba mate and black tea extracts with naturally occurring caffeine and antioxidants as-well-as Isomaltulose slow carb and low glycemic non-GMO beet sugar and other wholesome and functional-clean-energy-ingredients that provides consumers delicious refreshment in a 25-calorie 12-oz-can-serving.

No Silver Bullets

Will consumers actively seek out healthier and lower-calorie beverages that solve their sweet-tooth quandary?  We believe consumers will — but we also know consumer education takes time and better category disruptive ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage choices formulated with innovative, healthier, lower-calorie, slow-carb & low-glycemic, natural-ingredients.

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Beverages is a mission-driven & authentic healthier beverage brand committed to social-responsibility for all the right reasons.

*Contains naturally occurring caffeine from yerba mate and black tea extract.
Not for use by children, pregnant women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.

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